Our Flag is Heritage NOT Hate



Former NAACP President H.K. Edgerton
and supporter of the Confederate Flag talks about the Confederate Flag and
what it means

What a Redneck believes


I like big trucks, big boats, big houses, and naturally, pretty women.

I believe the money I make belongs to me and my family, not some midlevel governmental  functionary with a bad comb-over who wants to give it away to crack addicts squirting out babies.

I don't care about appearing compassionate.

I think playing with toy guns doesn't make you a killer - I believe ignoring your kids and giving them Prozac might.

I think I'm doing better than the homeless.

I don't think being a minority makes you noble or victimized. I have the right not to be tolerant of
others because they are different, weird or make me mad.
This is my life to live, and not necessarily up to others expectations.

I don't celebrate Kwanzaa but if you want to that's fine, just don't
feel like everyone else should have to.

My uncles and forefathers shouldn't have had to die in vain so you can
leave the countries you were born in to come disrespect ours and make us bend to your will, get over it.

I believe that if you are selling me a Dairy Queen shake, a pack of
cigarettes, or hotel room you do it in English. As of matter of fact, if you are an American citizen you should speak English.

I think the cops have every right to shoot your sorry ass if you're
running from them after they tell you to stop if you can't understand the word 'freeze' or 'stop' in
English, see the previous line.

I don't use the excuse "it's for the children" as a shield for unpopular opinions or actions.

I know how to count votes and I feel much safer letting a machine with
no political affiliation do a recount when needed.

I know what the definition of lying is, and it isn't based on the word
"is"-- ever.

I don't think just because you were not born in this country, you qualify for any special loan programs, gov't sponsored bank loans, etc., so you can open a hotel, 7-Eleven, trinket shop, or anything else while the indigenous
peoples can't get past a high school education because they can't afford it.

I didn't take the initiative in inventing the Internet.

I thought the Taco Bell dog was funny.

I want them to bring back safe and sane fireworks.

I believe no one ever died because of something Ozzy Osbourne, Ice-T or Marilyn Manson sang, but that doesn't mean I want to listen to that crap from someone else's car when I'm stopped at a red light but I respect your right to.

I don't want to eat or drink anything with the words light, lite or fat-free on the package.

Our soldiers did not go to some foreign country and risk their lives
in vain and defend our Constitution so that decades later you can tell me it's a living document
ever changing and is open to interpretation the guys who wrote it were light years ahead of anyone today and they meant what they said -- now leave the document alone, or there's going to be trouble.

I don't hate the rich.

I help the poor.

I know wrestling is fake.

I believe a self-righteous liberal with a cause is more dangerous than a Hell's Angel with an attitude.

I own a gun, you can own a gun, and any red blooded American should be allowed to own a gun, but if you use it in a crime, then you will serve the time.

I think Bill Gates has every right to keep every penny he made and continue to make more, if it makes you mad, then invent the next operating system that's better and put your name on the building.

I don't believe in hate crime legislation. Even suggesting it makes me
mad. You're telling me that someone who is a minority, gay, disabled, another nationality, or otherwise different
from the mainstream of this country has more value as a human being than I do as a white male, if someone kills anyone, I'd say that it's a hate crime. We don't need more laws! Let's enforce the ones we already have.

I think turkey bacon, turkey beef, turkey fake anything sucks.

I believe that it doesn't take a village to raise a child -- it takes a parent with the guts to stand up to the kid and spank his butt and say "NO!" when it's necessary to do so.

I'll admit that the only movie that ever made me cry was Ole Yeller.

I didn't realize Dr. Seuss was a genius until I had a kid.

I will not be frowned upon or be looked down upon or be made to keep silent because I have these beliefs and
opinions. I thought this country allowed me that right.

I will not conform or compromise just to keep from hurting somebody's feelings.
I'm neither angry nor disenfranchised, no matter how desperately the mainstream media would like the world to believe otherwise.

Yes, I guess by some people's definition, I may be a Redneck.


                                                                                                                   Ted Nugent

Southern Pride

More than any other part of America, the South stands apart from the rest, Southerners and Rednecks are proud to be Americans, but they are conscious of another loyalty too, one that transcends the usual ties of national patriotism and state pride. It is a loyalty to a place where habits are strong and memories are long. If those memories could speak, they would tell stories of a region powerfully shaped by its history and determined to pass it on to future generations.

A Rednecks Opinion

I have been asked numerous times why I call myself a RedNeck. The most honest and simple answer is, because I am a Red Neck. Not because of where I was born, not where I live now, but because of what I believe in as a way of life, the American way of life.
I have been asked numerous times why I call myself a RedNeck. The most honest and simple answer is, because I am a Red Neck. Not because of where I was born, not where I live now, but because of what I believe in as a way of life, the American way of life.

 I contend that a large number of our founding fathers were RedNecks. I believe that it was the Rednecks’ of this country that has made this country what it is today. For the most part, it was not the educated, elite upper crust of society that set out across the unknown and uncharted parts of this country looking for land and room to be free. It was not, for the most part, the educated, elite upper crust of society that answered the call from the Texans to come and help defend the Alamo. Daniel Boone, Davie Crocket, both fine outstanding RedNecks.

 For the most part, it is not the educated, elite upper crust of society that has been the foot soldier in virtually every war that has been fought by the United States. When I look back over the list of the people that I have considered hero’s in my lifetime, they have been RedNecks. You see, RedNecks are not known for their diplomacy; to the contrary, we are an independent lot.

 We have various religious beliefs, however, most are Christian. I must admit, there are not a lot of RedNecks that are agnostic. Most are conservative by nature; you have to be when you have to fight to get and keep what you have earned by the sweat of your brow. RedNecks do not rely on the Government for hand outs, we believe in working for everything you have.

 RedNecks believe in the rule of law. We know that one of the great accomplishments of Western Civilization is the concept of the "rule of law" and no one is immune to the law. John Adams, whom I contend was a RedNeck, in 1776, declared that “America was a nation of laws, not men.” Adams was born to a modest family, the founding generation of Puritans, who came to the American wilderness in the 1630s. Take the rule of law, henceforth, the thought that if you are in my country illegally, you are breaking the law, not about race; it is about the rule of law.

 We RedNecks are serious believers in the Freedoms that are guaranteed to us as Americans. We believe that you have the right to worship God in the way you want. Your belief in God and your worship of God should not interfere with the way I believe in and worship God. Your right to freedom does not give you the right to take my freedom. Rednecks have been fighting and dying for generations for you to have that right to be free.

 One of the best examples of this is Brigadier General Charles E. “Chuck” Yeager, USAF (Ret). Yes, Chuck Yeager is a RedNeck. If there ever was a man that deserved to have been given a ride in space, it was Chuck Yeager. The problem was Chuck would not play the game that was required, and trust me, Chuck Yeager wanted a ride. Without this man and his ability to go that extra mile and break the sound barrier we would not be able to fly to the moon, have satellites and a whole host of other modern technology.

 Chuck Yeager was not a member of the educated, elite upper crust of society, born in Myma, West Virginia; he enlisted as a private in the Army Air Corps and became an aircraft mechanic. He entered enlisted pilot training and graduated as an enlisted flight officer. One little foot note on General Yeager before I move on, how many people do you know that flew fighter planes in WWII and Viet Nam? That is just one of the reasons that General Chuck Yeager is one of my RedNeck Heroes. Sir, you deserved that ride in space, sorry the powers that be did not understand that.

 Chuck Yeager like most RedNecks that I know have a few things in common. One of the most important is God, Country, and Family, the American way of life. Most RedNecks that I know are willing to defend and protect all three to the death. The American way of life is very important to us, we have had generations of Rednecks that have fought to preserve that way of life. That is why although I am worried about the way this country is going, deep down inside I know that on the darkest day, there is a group of people out there that will still be fighting until the last one drops, to protect the American way of life.

 We RedNecks have been accused of being racist. Yes, I know some RedNecks that are racist; at the same time I know some Blacks and Hispanics that are racist. Let’s face it; no one group has the exclusive on being bigots and racist, just like no one group has the exclusive on being stupid. Yet, you will find left wing nuts that will tell you that RedNecks are stupid and uneducated, which shows you how little some people know, I know a lot of educated people that are stupid. If you don’t believe me take a look at the number of educated lawyers in Washington.

Of course, these observations are just one RedNeck’s opinion.......
                                                                                                                                 Author Unknown
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